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Daniel S. Vitchoff, MS. Ed., CHT
President of PA Hypnosis Center
Founder of "The 33 Method" Mental Training

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The Only Hypnosis Center in Pittsburgh
Whose Methods and Techniques Have
Helped Win Gold Medals in Sports



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Freedom From Alcohol
Hypnosis can help you be in control

Would you like to finally end your struggle with alcohol?

Would you like to end the feeling of helplessness and be more in control with your emotions and feelings?

Imagine improving the way you feel about yourself? And, improving the relationships in your life?

End the pain and suffering. It is a fact that the side effects of alcohol abuse can be damaging physically and emotionally from liver disease to difficulties with relationships and work. 

Why hypnosis? Hypnosis can help you escape from the alcohol trap by helping you facilitate changes deep down in your subconscious mind allowing you to tame the cravings and make healthy decisions about your alcohol consumption.
Hypnosis can help you change your attitude toward alcohol, so you can enjoy alcohol responsibly.

PA Hypnosis Center is the only Hypnosis Center in Pittsburgh whose
methods and techniques have helped win Gold Medals in 2008 and 2012.

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